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    How to implement JWT Tokens on Marketo URL

    Rajesh Khatri


      We want to send the users to third party website, the JWT token in URL will include a unique customer ID stored in Marketo, the users country code, and a timestamp of when the email was generated.


      This would allow server side code to process the link, validate the signature, confirm the expiration time and “log in” the user to allow them to make changes to their communication preferences.


      A JWT will have custom hash that allows the server to validate that the data has not been tampered with.





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          Sanford Whiteman

          You can generate a JWT in 2 ways:


               [1] a Velocity ("Email Script") token

               [2] calling a webhook and populating a lead field


          [1] is the most streamlined once complete, but will require an advanced Velocity developer

          [2] is easier to code, as the webhook service could be written in any language, but has a lot more overhead and will not be practical if you're sending > 15-20K emails per day, assuming your JWTs expire every day (thus you'd need to fetch a new JWT via webhook daily).