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    How to pass UTM parameters from the form hosted on Marketo LP to the destination page

    Diana Jakubaityte



      Trying to figure out the rule we could add to pass ORIGINAL UTM parameters value from the form hosted on the Marketo LP to the destination page. We need this for our tracking in SFDC.


      For example, this is how we use urls in our company: person is coming from facebook and lasnds on this page that hosts Marketo form: www.form-hosting-landing-page.com/?utm_medium=social-paid&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=my-campaign


      Once someone fills out the form, we would like to pass all utm parameters and destination page to be:



      For any other CTAs on our marketo LP we use this code to pass UTM values: <a class="block pass-query" href="https://www.destination-page.com" target="_blank"><button class="btn btn-orange">Register</button></a>


      Can you please advise if the similar function is available for forms as well?