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    How to pull query string in to a data field in Marketo

    Nichole Cunningham

      We are trying to do some reporting on query string mediums that are used and I am running in to some trouble getting the data to transfer to a field in Marketo.


      I am trying to use tokens to pull in the query string that we are using on URLs in to a data field. I have tried a lot of different triggers, but they are not pulling in the entire URL.


      This is the URL I am testing and I am trying to see the query string data too, but it is only bringing over Winshuttle.com.


      I am wanting to see this entire URL: https://www.winshuttle.com/?utm_source=ASUG&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=Infographic and not just Winshuttle.com


      These are the tokens that I've tried:

      {{trigger.Web Page}}





      {{trigger.Search Query}}


      Have any of you dealt with this situation before?