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    Best Day of the Week for CTR

    Ken Ungaro

      I had an interesting request this morning that has me stumped. Seemed simple but not so much in Marketo. Does anybody have a suggestion on how to run a report in Marketo that will illustrate the best Open & the best CTR, by the day of the week?  I don't put much weight in this metric because it all depends on SEND day but nonetheless it was an interesting question that senior management was asking about. Again the report needs to reflect OPENS & CTR by Day of The Week.  Thank you for any suggestions or guidance.



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          Josh Hill

          RCE will do this for you.


          Couple of thoughts:

          • this is a manual process and you'd have to select a date range you'd look at.
          • Day of the week/Time of Day depends on when you normally send or if you use Timezone....so it's not a perfect method.
          • Depends on the audience.
          • Should be tested regularly depending on the campaign and volumes.
          • Why do they care? Executives have this false belief that this matters for the funnel and it generally does not unless it's ecommerce. They should focus on the funnel metrics and let you worry about the tactical day of week.