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How to get a subset of leads associated with a program without getting all the leads.

Question asked by 111a2051072af6f1033b9edaecb960a76268c6f9 on Sep 17, 2018
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I have about 50 programs of various types on marketo with many different people associated with each. I would say about 10,000+ leads per program and I expect that to scale to many many more than that. I need to use the Marketo Rest API to get the program statuses of specific lists of leads that exist in programs. However, the getLeadsByProgramId endpoint returns the membership information of all the leads in a program. If I have to run this multiple times an hour when the list of leads in programs scales to hundred of thousands of leads it is going to take much too long to retrieve all the leads in a program even if most have the same information since last retrieval. Is there a way to retrieve the program membership information for only a subset of the leads in a program specified by lead Id?