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Turning a Name into an ID for an SFDC Lookup Field

Question asked by Jeff Bedford on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by Jeff Bedford

It was hard to write the subject line for this discussion. I'll do my best to outline the situation:


1) We have a long form that allows clients to being the sign up process for our business - during which they tell us whether or not they were referred by a partner. If they were referred by a partner, we require they tell us which of the partners reps they worked with. Each partner has >50 reps and we really want to allow them to type the name into an empty text field.


2) We would like to push that lead into SFDC, and include the 'partner rep name' - which is stored in an SFDC lookup field, which obviously is made up of all ID's - so we need to somehow associate that text name to an SFDC ID. That's where we're stuck to start.


All of the reps are in Marketo because we have them in SFDC as contacts. So what I'm trying to figure out - is there a way to take a name ( i.e. Bob Dobalina) that is stored on a field like 'rep name' and then go find that person record and write their SFDC ID to a field on another record? Or am I thinking of this wrong to begin with?