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Bulk Activities REST API Extract Questions

Question asked by Shirleen Solares on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman



My company wants to begin doing bulk activities extracts on a monthly cadence, beginning with one big extract on certain activities such as 'Visits web page' and 'change data value':


1. Would it be possible to specify the call to pull only those specific activities? Or would the bulk activity extract pull all activities?

2. What other lead attributes are extracted in a bulk activities extract? Would we get created date, name, email, company name, etc?

3. How do we know how much data we have stored in our Marketo instance, and how much activity data would be exported? We have ~250k leads in our database since 2011. (My developer is asking)

4. For the initial extract, if hit our daily limit of 500 MB, will the job continue to run into the next day or weeks? Would we have to create another job to finish the extract? (My developer is asking)


I'm not a developer so the documentation was not easy for me to understand, so simplified explanations will help here too.


Would appreciate it if other Marketo users shared their bulk lead and/or activities export processes.