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Best Place to Assign Lead Owner - SalesForce or Marketo?

Question asked by 38dd31ad360028bff05c38faaeaf5e246f3b92c6 on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Josh Hill

After tradeshows/conferences, we receive a list of leads and our inside sales teams assigns them to the appropriate sales person within the lead spreadsheet.

My dillemma: if I upload the lead list  into Marketo, assigning the lead owner is challenging. I have to enter the lead owners email address within the spreadsheet, and then create a campaign that says "if email address is xyz, assign to xyz." We have quite a few sales people and this can get complicated. Additionally, if the campaign is already synched to SalesForce, the leads will flow into SalesForce to our generic telesales queue as soon as the list is uploaded. I then have to backtrack and re-assign everyone to the appropriate salesperson.

Converesely, if we upload the list via SalesForce, it's much easier to assign lead owner. However, because SalesForce doesn't de-dupe against Marketo, we sometimes receive a deluge of duplicate leads (I set up dupe lead notifications).

Anyone have any best practices/tips as to how they upload lead lists that already have lead owners assigned?