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Finding/creating tokens for Webhooks in a multi-step campaign

Question asked by Adam Hirsch on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi, folks -- I'm new to Marketo and still trying to wrap my head around the various places where data's sourced from at different phases.


I've got a multi-step campaign in which we acquire leads who want to promote our mailing lists. The leads go and send out custom links to friends and family (F&F), who in turn provide their email addresses and subscription preferences in a form field. The system sends them a confirmation/opt-in message, and assuming they click "Yes," they're off to the races. This part all works fine! We've even got a daily CSV report that displays the F&F info and their subscription preferences.


The issue I'm having is trying to populate a webhook with the desired info: the F&F email address and subscription preferences, post-opt-in. Clearly the system has their address on hand as it sends them a confirmation email, and their subscription preferences are captured ... but when I am making a webhook, I have only "lead" options, which refer to the ... er, referrers, and not the F&F. How can I tokenize these values so that I can reference them in a webhook?


Thanks very much --