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Maintaining Data Integrity via Forms (Avoiding dodgy data)

Question asked by René Kamine on Sep 13, 2018

Hi there

I understand that if a contact record is created in MKTO, it will not sync over to CRM. Only contact records that were created &/or already exist in CRM will sync back & forth.

We are running a competition using a MKTO form embedded into a MKTO landing page. People are entering their details via the form directly into MKTO so those people that also exist in CRM will have the details updated in CRM as well.

What is the best practice to maintain data integrity re this scenario?

Is there a way to quarantine the data & stop the sync until the data can be checked? Thinking out load.... Could secondary or custom fields that replicate the standard fields in the form be created. eg First Name, Last Name, Phone, and those custom fields not sync with CRM until they can be verified. Once verified, run a smart campaign to push those secondary field values over to the intended standard (primary) fields that are set up already to sync to CRM. ??? Would that ork?

Of maybe you can recommend an automated validation process that helps us maintain the integrity of the data that is being entered by the competition entrants.

Thanks in advance.