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AMUG Challenge

Question asked by Anthony Figgins on Sep 11, 2018


We’re challenging all Austin User Group members on the video with your MUG name and what you want to hear our feature in the next Fearless Forum. The MUG with the most comments by September 30 will receive some Marketo swag and a feature in our next newsletter.


Criteria and Requirements:

-- Must be more than saying, “I like this” or “This is cool”

       -Rather has to provide actual feedback or ideas for the next newsletter/Fearless Forums-- Must include your MUG hashtag/name (mugaustin or #AustinMUG or Austin User Group )

-- Must comment by September 30th

-- Needs to be on the page where Matt’s video is on Community to count

-- Can I count on you? Austin User Group


Happy commenting!


More info on the contest criteria and requirements here: Marketo Fearless Forum: Edition 03