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    Looking for a Marketo Consultant with Proven Sales/Marketing Ops Experience

    Michael Hwang

      Hello Marketo Community,


      My company, Exxact Corporation, is looking for a Marketo Consultant (Individual or Firm) to help set up and implement our Marketo instance for our unique B2B/B2C business. We are a HPC/Deep Learning/Life Science system integrator and professional hardware distributor that caters to a variety of verticals. Our sales cycles can range anywhere from a week to a year. Most of our leads come from web inquiry forms (Marketo forms) listed on category/product pages on our site, however we also plan to have a click-and-buy + shopping cart function. We are looking for someone to fully understand our business model and provide the their recommendations for the optimal Marketo set up. We currently use Netsuite CRM and a connecting software along with Marketo. We have two workspaces and 4 partitions setup currently, but we are not even sure if that makes the most sense for our business model.


      We have invested a lot into Marketo software licensing and various consultants but we really have not gained much success or traction. It's definitely not be used fully and the entire set up is in question. Most of the consultants we've dealt with never took the time to understand our business and simply went along with what we thought made sense. Our company is inexperienced with using marketing automation but we know it is needed for the future of our business, so we are looking for someone to help provide us with the initial setup based on how our business is set up.


      If anyone has any recommendations for a consultant that can provide us thorough input on the matter, it would be greatly appreciated!


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