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    Event Reminder

    Jessica Melendres

      How do i set up an event reminder email with 2-3 time links for a user to click on so that it triggers a reminder email for that event based on the link clicked on.


      For Example Email:


      Event is happening on _____.

      Please click choose when you want to receive a reminder email from us:

      Button 1: Sunday @1:00pm

      Button 2: Sunday @ 2:00pm

      Button 3: Sunday @ 3:00pm


      --- Then, based on the button selected - a reminder email would go out based on the selection.


      2 emails total. Once intial send and one based on selection or default reminder.


      Please advise, thank you!

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          Denise Greenberg

          Hi Jessica,

          One way would be:


          1) Create 3 Smart Lists: Sunday 1pm, Sunday 2pm, Sunday 3pm. Each smart list will have a filter for "Clicked Link in Email->Email is____->Link Is___" where Link is will be one of the 3 times requested

          2) Create a Smart Campaign to with a Send Email Flow steps with constraints based on Smart List Membership and wait steps. And schedule the campaign to run at 1pm. E.g.:


          If member of smart list is Sunday 1pm

          Send Reminder Email


          Wait 1 hour


          If member of smart list is Sunday 2pm

          Send Reminder Email


          Wait 1 hour


          f member of smart list is Sunday3pm

          Send Reminder Email


          - Denise

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              Jessica Melendres

              Good Idea! Thank you for sharing

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                Amy Goldfine Connor

                If you just rely on a click in the email and no other validation (landing page click confirmation), you're going to get stung by some of those fake clicks by bots on email servers. If you really want to do this properly, you'll need to set up a landing page where they choose their time on buttons. Then you could have smart lists based on landing page clicks, which are more reliable.


                I would question why you need to give people the option of deciding when they're going to receive a reminder. It's standard practice to just pick a time or two and send them an email.

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                Phillip Wild

                Another method is to link out to .ical files so the user can download the event to their calendar. You shouldn't necessarily need a reminder email then, depending on user preferences.