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Embedded forms + Progressive profiling + visibility rules

Question asked by Patricia Villalobos on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by aa402162d04831f5f70dc73330f41d11918e79cc


I have a scenario of an embedded marketo form in a wordpress website which has rpogressive profilling enabled and some of the fields within the progressive profilling have some visibility rules fields.


I've sorted out the pre-fill fields data with a wordpress plugin, so that the progressive profilling actually works with the expected experience (as if it were a marketo l.p.) but the fields with visibility rules may not appear as expected when placed in progressive profiling since they are dependent on on other progressive profiling fields which loaded on previous visits.


Since visibility fields load dynamically on the specified fields during that visit, I needed to move the visibility fields outside of the progressive profiling for them to function as expected, but this presents aesthetic issues though which may require custom coding to resolve or another workaround.


Has anyone experience this? do you guys have more information about potential workarounds for the desired workflow including how to move the visibility fields below progressive fields and how to submit previous form fill information?