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    How to get a token script to display information from Opportunity Object?

    Alex Bridges

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to create custom token scripts based on items on the opportunity object. However, when I follow the directions here, Create an Email Script Token - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation, it doesn't render.


      For example, I create a custom token. I call it my.ExampleTokenA. I need it to show the value for Example Opportunity Item A from the Opportunity Object.

      When I edit the token, I go to the Opportunity object list, and pick Example Opportunity Item A from the list, and drag it over. So now in my script editor, I see ${OpportunityList.get(0).Example_Opportunity_Item_A}.


      However, when I go to test my token, instead of seeing that value, I see ${OpportunityList.get(0).Example_Opportunity_Item_A}. What do I need to do to get it to display the value? No additional formatting is needed; I just need it to display what's there.