Tyson Jurgens

Insanely low API limit?

Discussion created by Tyson Jurgens on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by Mark Price

We have a ~4 Million record database, and we routinely run into challenges with the daily 50k API limit, specifically with VidYard and their native Marketo integration...


This is effectively limiting us from using the VidYard integration (we shut it down because it was snarling all of our operations each day as we surpassed our API limit) and prevents us from considering ANY other LaunchPoint vendor that relies on API integration. Honestly, it diminishes the overall net value Marketo can provide.


Is anyone else having problem with this limit? Or suggestions for bypassing it? Has anyone successfully got Marketo to raise their API limit without having to pay extra? We already pay for a nearly FOUR MILLION RECORD DATABASE and it just seems like an API load to support that database size should be included in the base product, especially since Marketo is trying to court more enterprise clients...