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    What's your favorite Survey Tool?

    Ann Marie Gastineau

      I'm trying to (quickly) vet options for Survey tools that integrate with Marketo, and I'm wondering what some of the favorites are!


      Here's my integrations wish list:

      1. One-time integration set up
      2. Progressive and/or pre-fill forms, at least on existing demographic fields
      3. Trigger off survey completions - or, even better, off specific survey responses
      4. I'd like to be able to access the survey responses at the Person level, without having to create a million custom fields


      Options I've considered:

      • SurveyMonkey - this one is basically ruled out. Their pricing is over complicated and, from what I can tell, the integration requires some set up for each new survey.
      • Ion Interactive - our Creative team already has this and is excited about how slick they'll look. But I'd have to choose between two integration types, REST API or embedded forms, each of which gets me 1/2 of what I'm hoping for.
      • Decidedly - Cheap (in a good way), easy integration, but I haven't been able to see a sample of their surveys, and look/feel is a concern. I'm also uncertain if I could use data gathered in Surveys in Smart Lists.
      • Survicate - couldn't answer questions about the Marketo integration.
      • Qualtrics - speaking with them today.
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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Ann-Marie,


          Attention to Rest API integration. If not done well, it can lead to saturating your API quota or, worse, to security breaches.



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            Marta Kaczmarek

            Hi Ann-Marie,


            I work at Survicate, and I'd love to give you some information about our integration with Marketo.

            1. We have a direct integration - if you want to send answers as lead activities then you just set it up once and it is quite simple to proceed (it take several minutes). If you want to send answers as lead fields than you need to run a simple set up (very simple) with every survey.
            2. We don't yet provide this option, but it's on our roadmap and we're working on it. (We're a survey tool - always open on feedback ).
            3. You can send survey answers to Marketo as lead fields and lead activities in the real-time and the integration is on a question level. It means that even if someone doesn't complete the whole survey, you'll be able to see the answers to the questions answered.
            4. You can access survey responses at the Person level (save survey answers as lead activities).


            If you'd like to learn more about possibilities of Survicate and Marketo integration I'd gladly contact you - let me know