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Gated Content: In an Email, Landing Page, or both

Question asked by Justin Morris on Sep 7, 2018
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Apologies if this has been asked before. I couldn't find a specific thread about this. We have a lot of gated content on our site and a few different content teams that handle it differently. Some have the gated content live on a landing page and a transactional email the visitor gets once they fill out the form. Others just have it live in the email. We want to standardize the process so all content teams have the assets living in the same spot. Is there any best practice as to which method is better? I've been searching and can't find a general consensus. I would think it would be more ideal to just have the assets live in the email since that would require visitors to give a valid email in order to get the content, but I'm not sure if I'm overlooking any other benefits to having it on a Thank You page as well. Any insight or recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you!