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    Can't see my email in the drop down options

    MK McNerney

      I want to send my email to the ones who did not open the original send. When I go to segment them out using "Not Opened Email" the email will not show up! The one email that does show up is the Email Subject line Test.....But will that only include the ones that were a part of the test? I'm desperate for an answer and can't find a solution to this.

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          Chris Wilcox

          From my experience, as far as Marketo is concerned once you send an email test, that "Email Subject Line Test" version is the new name of the asset itself, so what you're finding is likely correct.


          Is that email asset the only one in the program? If so, you could use email "starts with" instead of "is" and capture any email assets within the program to cover your bases as well.


          Additionally, to test this out, you could great a new Smart List, add the rules that you mentioned above "Not Opened Email > Starts With > Program.Asset.Name," and see if the number matches the unopened number from your email performance report.