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Tagging Organic Search

Question asked by Christian Bogue on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2018 by 04b2cc480224f31ba93406ba86ffea2397f2d1c2

Hey fellow MUGers!


We're working on 2019 budget planning and Leasha and I are trying to tease out which leads currently tagged as Lead Source = Website (cringe!) are actually Lead Source = Organic Search. How do we set up a smart campaign to backfill and correct this? We're thinking its maybe something like Original Referrer contains or Referrer URL ='re not really sure here. We think we've got it set up for PPC but we need to get all the SEO and content effort coming in as an organic search lead (and ideally with a field in SF showing our inside sales team the search phrase).


Any help will be greatly appreciated!