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    Leads without SFDC campaign

    Teresa Hsu

      Is there a way to add leads without SFDC campaign to a default campaign base on the Lead source?

      What happened was our sales rep created leads/contacts in SFDC with Marketing Lead Source without associate them to any campaigns.  Instead of digging into each one of them and assign them to the right campaign, we want to have a catch all campaign.  Any thoughts how to build this Smart Campaign?




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          Devraj Grewal



          You can try creating a smart list with the filter "Member of SFDC Campaign: person is not in". Then click the green "+" sign and in the left drop down, you can select every single SFDC campaign. The resulting smart list will populate with every person that is not part of any SFDC campaign.

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            Grégoire Michel

            Hi Teresa,


            There is not way to make it simply without to have to add any new campaign manually. The list of operators in the "member of SFDC campaign" is too limited.


            The only way I see is to have a field on the lead and contact and a trigger, workflow or process builder in SFDC on the campaign member object. Each time you add someone to a campaign the contact / lead field is updated with the campaign name. Then you filter on this field being empty.