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How do you trigger smart campaigns off custom object updates and put the updated information into an email token?

Question asked by Michael Moore on Aug 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

My company's marketo instance has some custom objects that they created which contain information that must be sent in marketo emails.

One of the custom objects in question is our own custom Company object where each user in marketo can be linked to multiple company custom objects.

The information in this custom object are synced in from our company's system in batches of 300 custom object instances at a time. Because all the custom objects for each user are synced at once in a batch of 300, the updated at values in each of the custom objects are the exact same value. The updated at date value seems to only track precision up to a minute.


My problem is that, from what I gather, when you are triggering smart campaigns using the custom object updated trigger, you are unable to get the data of the custom object that actually triggered the campaign.

It seems like the $triggerObject in velocity is not accessible. I looked for a workaround for this issue and it seems that the consensus is that you have to loop through the list of most recently updated custom objects for a marketo user and sort the objects by the most recent update at date. However, this is where my problem occurs. If all the custom objects in that list have the exact same updated at value in marketo, how am I supposed to know which of these custom objects triggered the smart campaign in order to put its data into the smart campaign's email. There seems to be no way to link the object that triggered the campaign with an object in the list when multiple objects are updated at the exact same time.


Is there another way to achieve what I want to do with these constraints that I have?