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Activity Task Assignment - Tracking the First Task Assigned

Question asked by a42130ced18a569fdce875a6e4bb39e713ce4fa9 on Aug 29, 2018

I'm looking for a way that can help us track lead follow up efficiency.  We are looking for a way to differentiate the First task that was assigned from all the other tasks that may or may not get created for a particular lead.  This way we can find out how quickly our BDRs address a certain lead/task based on when the lead was created.  We have a way using Salesforce to mark a task when the Status of that task moves to Completed status, but that is only getting us part of the data that we need.  We need a way to be able to quickly pull out only the First task that was assigned in an automated, or at least quicker fashion than we currently have available.  We can pull an activity report from SFDC, but then we have to go through the list manually and pick out the "First" tasks and remove all other subsequent tasks, which can take a lot of time as leads tend to have multiple tasks assigned.  Is there a way that we can do something from when the task is assigned from Marketo?  Has anybody else run into a situation like this before?  Any help would be appreciated.