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    Marketo Certified *Associate* Program - Q3?

    Leslie Robertson

      Hi all,

      I heard about a new certification earlier this year in a MUG webinar that precedes the MCE exam called the Marketo Certified Associate Program. From what I remember, it involves having 3 months of hands-on experience in Marketo and general marketing experience. I believe that this exam would be more entry level and probably a good place to start for me, as we implemented Marketo this year but I have previous marketing automation experience. I believe it was supposed to be coming out in Q3 of this year (aka, now) but I haven't heard anything new. Does anyone have more information about it, or am I just jumping the gun?



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          Lauren Beth

          Hi Leslie! I haven't heard about an associate program but historically it takes Marketo quite a bit of time to launch something like this and their timelines are usually off.  I'd encourage you to work towards general certification as it will help you with the associate program if it does launch and if it takes longer, you can just go for regular certification.

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            Andy Caron

            Hi Leslie,

            The Marketo EDU team is working on an MCA or Associate level Marketo Certification. Last I heard from them it is due out later this year. I'm looking forward to it as I think it will be a great place for new Marketo Users to start and it's also a good option for users who are not Admins. The only challenge with the MCE is that you have to have Admin access and/or knowledge to pass those components of the more advanced test. The MUG Leaders will post when the new certification becomes available, which (fingers crossed) should be soon!!