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Marketo Certified *Associate* Program - Q3?

Question asked by Leslie Robertson on Aug 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by f6f80e97b67858ecedfb513da6f3082a24b5ae2b

Hi all,

I heard about a new certification earlier this year in a MUG webinar that precedes the MCE exam called the Marketo Certified Associate Program. From what I remember, it involves having 3 months of hands-on experience in Marketo and general marketing experience. I believe that this exam would be more entry level and probably a good place to start for me, as we implemented Marketo this year but I have previous marketing automation experience. I believe it was supposed to be coming out in Q3 of this year (aka, now) but I haven't heard anything new. Does anyone have more information about it, or am I just jumping the gun?