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    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Michael Matthews

      The future is here at Arrowhead Credit Union! We are currently seeking a Digital Marketing Specialist to lead all aspects of our digital/online marketing initiatives and communications including our online presence, search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts.  With responsibility for online strategies, website maintenance, event digital marketing, email list maintenance, and enhancing the overall digital image of Arrowhead Credit Union, this     position will help us achieve our goal of creating powerful and positive user experiences.


      Requirements for the position include a Bachelor's degree in Marketing or Communications and a minimum of 3-5 years of marketing experience, with at least 3 years focusing on digital marketing and website development.


      We have an 800 character field ("short description") where we can describe the opening, and then we also post the entire job description right below it. You can view the posting in our careers section on our website at www.arrowheadcu.org.


      Thank you for any help you can give me a call anytime !!



      Dana L. Moore

      Talent Acquisition Manager


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