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If choices in send email program

Question asked by Bogdan Moisa on Aug 27, 2018
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I'd like your advice on building a program for sending emails in different languages. The program is build up like this: Language is French - send French email; Language is Dutch - send Dutch email;


It was all clear and simple until I had to work on the email for Belgium. I included the Belgium email in an If choice like "If Country is Belgium sent Belgium email;"


The idea is that people who will receive the email will then be able to complete the form in their desired language (Dutch or French) and then they will be included in one of the available language streams.


However, I am not sure what would happen if the country is Belgium and language is Dutch. I have put the country condition on top (so it is the first matching one) - does this mean that people from Belgium will receive the Belgium email and then be skipped for the language step? So if someone has country Belgium and language Dutch will he receive only the Belgium email or the Dutch email too?


I hope I have been clear enough.


Thank you!