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My uploaded custom fonts don't work on a Theme Template. Please advice.

Question asked by f09fd3a2a762d67937dbfb47a690aa4c02c9b0dc on Aug 27, 2018
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I would like to ask you for advice how to get my Custom Font working on my Theme Template.
I followed all the steps provided from this thread - Regalix Marketo Services: How to add custom font to Marketo templates and the font still didnt worked on my side.


1. Coverted the font;
2. Uploaded it to the platform - The converted .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats;
3. Updated the CSS @font-face with the correct URL paths as shown from the tutorial link and pasted into the Theme Template <style></style> tags.


Here is an example of the URL of which I pointed for the @font-face :
I have even tried adding the full url path but still didnt resolved the issue for me.


Tried downloading and uploading different font but it still didnt changed after changing the font-family in the CSS


And when I check the console error - here is what I get as an error - 403 (Forbidden).


When I try with @import Google Fonts - the fonts are changed for me without any issues. But when I try upload custom font, the changes doesnt seem to work.


Please if you can advice me how to make custom fonts upload work since I tried various things and none of them worked for me.
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards.