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How to track the program that caused a lead to hit your scoring threshold (MQL)?

Question asked by Terry Burgess on Aug 23, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Denise Greenberg

Hello, I am trying to set up tracking so that I can see the program that caused a record to reach a scoring threshold. In our system that threshold is 100 points. I have already built the filed to store the info in and have tried the tokens {{trigger.Name}} and {{program.Name}} to collect this data. The issue is we use global forms and global listing campaigns to trigger scoring programs. So, when I used {{trigger.Name}} it returned the "Lead Score" as the value. When I use the token {{program.Name}} it returned the global scoring program "02 Lifecycle" which is where all the global scoring campaign lives. I want the actual program that cause the score change, i.e. the ebook form fill program that causes the score change.



We use global forms

We use global scoring campaign triggered off form fill (global), visits pages, open emails, clicks, and program status changes.

We do not use request campaign to trigger a scoring campaign.


Thanks for any help here.