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    Any Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Users?

    Valerie Whiting

      Hey everyone,


      My company is doing the good ol' evaluation of other platforms. I tried looking through the community to see if there is much info about Salesforce Marketing Cloud/Exact Target, but most of what I found was Pardot related. The leadership tends to be leaning towards wanting to pilot with SFMC. I am fairly biased towards Marketo as I've been working in it for almost 7 years. I briefly used Pardot, and was severely disappointed and I'm afraid the same will happen with SFMC. Are there any current or previous users out there? What are some advantages and disadvantages compared to Marketo? Is the sync between SFMC and SFDC really that much better (that is what they have pushed strongly with us...)?


      We saw a demo of which they mostly focused on the sync stuff, so I'm not overly that impressed, especially because I know most of that is just talk on their part. We have 50 different brands and the idea of not being able to tokenize everything scares me. I also didn't like how separated everything seemed. I like being able to build all assets and campaigns within a program in Marketing Activities.


      Also, if anyone has used the Marketo Sky Beta - is there potential there? Do the UI changes bring it in competition with some of the other platform UIs? That is also a huge thing for people who have the decision making power, although do not use the tool day-to-day.

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          Trevor Parsell

          Hey Valerie,


          I spent 2 years in Marketo and am now working almost exclusively in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I've used Pardot as well and will say that SFMC is very different than Pardot.


          As far as advantages of SFMC over Marketo, I think a lot of it depends on the use cases for your business. I think Marketo is an awesome tool and can make things easier when it comes to standard marketing tasks like sending emails, lead scoring, and managing marketing data.


          One advantage for using SFMC is the ability to manage Email, Content, Mobile Messaging, and Social Media within one platform. In my experience, Marketo requires using plug-ins and integrations with other platforms for functionality outside of email sends (like sending SMS/Push messages). Another advantage is the ability to have complete control over your data model. If you have a complex data structure, I think SFMC is more flexible (but also has a steeper learning curve).


          As far a integration with Salesforce, I had a great experience using Marketo. I think you can get a similar experience using Marketing Cloud Connect but it does require some configuration and process changes. Once in place, the integration between SFMC and Sales Cloud can be pretty powerful, especially if you have complex use cases.


          Overall, I think Marketo is easy to use, has great integration for most standard use-cases. SFMC is better for larger, more complicated environment, especially if you are already heavy Sales Cloud users.