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    Soliciting thoughts on B2B "intent" data providers

    Jerry Yin


      Looking for input from Marketo users that have used B2B intent data providers (Big Willow, TechTarget, Prelytix etc.) as part of their demand gen. stack. Did you see positive engagement results? Share any learnings and landmines to avoid.


      Thanks ahead!

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          Tish Millsap

          Hi Jerry,


          I have a client using Techtarget, Bombora (via DiscoverOrg) and The Big Willow (via LeadGenius). While we have not done detailed analysis, we are seeing tremendous engagement from these contacts, especially TechTarget. Happy to have a further discussion with you on this as there are a lot of details to think about (costs, going direct vs. with a 3rd party like DiscoverOrg, nurturing styles, etc...)


          I don't have any experience with Prelytix but would love to know what you have been hearing.


          Hope this helps!



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            Amanda Tessier

            Hi Jerry - I'm in financial services and we just did an evaluation of intent providers. Bombora licenses their data through over providers. While we considered DiscoverOrg, they didn't have the depth in our industry (yet.) We landed on Everstring because it licenses Bombora's intent data, as well as getting data from ZoomInfo and other sources so we didn't have to individually contract each of them.

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              Wing Sung

              The good thing about TechTarget is that their leads are GDPR compliant, for EMEA too! Marketing can send out mass emails to TechTarget leads, and they can also integrate with Marketo.