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    "Score was changed" smart list filter

    Leticia DoPrado

      Hi there,


      We want to run a campaign to boost up the amount of people we have who are in "pre-MQL" stages --our MQL score threshold is 100, so this campaign will target people whose scores are between 65 and 99 -- so that we can see if we can get them to take some action and thus increase their score, hopefully crossing the threshold.


      To do this, I am trying to create a smart list of people whose 1) person scores are between 65 and 99, and 2) whose person score was positively changed (increased) within the last 90 days. I don't have to worry about creating a filter for the "last 90 days" because the new Data Retention Policy only keeps this data for 90 days anyway. But I am having an issue trying to add the constraint of "score was positively changed".


      So I have the following filters:


      1) Person Score between 65 and 99.

      2) Score Was Changed

      Score Name = Person Score

      Change = blank (because I don't know what to do)

      Smart list filters.PNG


      So, ideally I just need to add to the filter that the "change" in the score is a positive changed... I don't really care what number it is (if it increased by 1, or 2 or 20) I just care that it positively changed.