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How to manage any reporting for Webinar hosted on gotowebinar and not through Marketo

Question asked by Nimisha Garg on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by Nimisha Garg

Hello All,


My question is: We had a webinar all set up as a campaign in Gotowebinar.


We are having issues regarding tracking except that we know who is registered in our webinar.



Gotowebinar is not linked a event partner in Marketo

Series of emails with gotowebinar registration page link are going to our clients

No landing page in marketo

No form in Marketo


Everything is on Gotowebinar. And on gotowebinar I only see  registrants and the info they filled in the form there.


Is there anyway I can track anything for this webinar?


Please see attachment once gotowebinar is set up in Marketo it shows as event partner. We don't have it set up right now.


Appreciate an answer.