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    Editing emails with different templates?

    Christopher Mitchell

      Once I create an email, is it possible to retro-actively change which email template it is built with, or would I have to create an all knew email?


      I ask because I am recreating old emails that are part of our nurture stream with new more aesthetically appealing templates, using the same content. I would prefer to just edit the old emails with a new template, instead of creating all new emails because I don't want the nurture stream to recognize them as unique new emails and resend out nurture emails to people who have already received that content. (I hope that explanation made sense).

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          Grace Brebner

          Hey Christopher,


          Unfortunately no, you can't switch the template an email is based on.


          You should upvote this idea to encourage Marketo to develop this functionality: Allow templates to be changed after email created


          To support your requirements, though, you can use nested default programs to house each new email and set every person who received a past version of the emails to skip through the send and not receive them. The advanced drip nurture program template which you can import from the Marketo program template library has this type of functionality built in if you'd like to see how it'd work.

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