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Updating mass emails in Marketo

Question asked by Nimisha Garg on Aug 21, 2018
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I am getting many emails - either I receive out of office or they have changed email address. My job is to update these emails in Marketo.


I can do this in Excel and also manually in Marketo. But, I want to automate this process as I do it on a regular basis. Please provide me the steps I should use starting from

excel moving to Marketo. Appreciate. Checked all Marketo Community and I see answers are confusing.


What should be the 2 or 3 columsn in excel

WHat should be the Smart Campaign


Schedule - batch or triggered (batch makes sense)


Example of email I got :

Please update your contact list, this email is no longer valid or monitored.


Forward to the following;


Thank you in advance.