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Tracking One-To-Many Values

Question asked by Steve Schimmel on Aug 21, 2018
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I am setting up a product registration landing page for people to register their products. The idea is that people can register as many products as they own -- so if someone has 15 products, they would register all 15. With that in mind, having one field for "Product Model Number" and another field for "Product Serial Number" is not optimal in the event that someone could fill the form out 15 times, and each time it would overwrite existing values. I could concatenate all values, but that will get messy as people start to register many products.


Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can associate many different product models/serial numbers with one lead. Marketo support says that using custom objects won't work here because the product registration information is coming in through Marketo forms, so I'm wondering how best to store multiple values in one field for the same record. Any suggestions?