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    Original Source Type: Web page visit vs Web Form Fillout

    Hoi Nguyen

      Hi Community,


      For the field "Original Source Type", I thought I understood how Marketo differentiates between "Web page visit" and "Web form fillout" but I've run into a few records again where I don't quite understand how the Original Source Type value was assigned.


      As an example:

      I've noticed that for one of our landing pages, some of the time when a record visits it and submits the form, their Original Source Type is equal to "Web page visit" but other times it is equal to "Web form fillout".


      Can someone provide a clear idea of how Marketo assigns this value?






      When submitting questions in Community, I don't understand what "In a Place" is anymore. I have to pick a Place but none of the options available make sense to me. Can someone help me get smart on that? Thanks!