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    Cleaning up The Database: The Big Sweep

    Marketing Manager

      I'm setting up a cleanup program and I'm following this guide: Get the Gold: Six Steps to Delete Bad Data


      Now I wanna try to identify the "dead" leads on my database and bad data. These leads came from different sources and it's time to clean up the house.


      I'm been conservative so I'll check out first if I can bring them back and wanna see the inactive leads from last year. The issue is that I'm using an Inactivity filter to sort them out, but these filters archive the data after 90 days. So.... maybe some of those leads have been active this year?


      This is my Smart List


      As you can see, I'm also using my program status to see if any of them interacted in some way with us.


      Any Ideas? Thanks

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          Josh Hill

          Depends whom you consider ready to remove.



          • Inactivity doesn't archive because it's not a log entry - it's an absence of a log entry. But sure, it will get affected after 90 days or 25 months depending on the removal dates of actual activity.
          • Member Of Program or Program Status Was Changed - only works if you are actively using Status
          • Opened isn't reliable so it shouldn't be the ONLY filter.
          • Person Was Created - I'd rather use Created At. It will run faster.


          Usually I do something like


          Created At IN PAST BEFORE 18  months


          NOT Opened

          NOT Clicked

          Not Visited Web Page

          Not Filled Out Form (but they could fill out unsub form)

          Not Program Status Was Changed (to capture events, webinars)


          All above is AND.

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