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    How to access sandbox instance?

    Akhilesh Singh



      Our company's Marketo account manager has got sandbox enabled for our marketo instance.

      I already had an admin access to RTP, and was asked to check it out.

      But when i login with my admin account(which i used to login to my RTP instance), i don't see sandbox instance under subscriptions and i don't know where to switch from RTP instance to sandbox instance, could you guys please hep me with this?

      1. share steps needed to give permission/access to sandbox for one of marketo login/user

      2. where is option to switch between production/RTP to sandbox in admin UI?

      3. what changes i need to make in my C# technology based web api which talks to RTP instance by a given host url?

          i assume i need to only chnage host url from RTP url to sandbox specific url, if yes please share what will be sandbox url for a given marketo instance/url?