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Link Trigger on Secondary Offer not working

Question asked by 6446f5601b75b4ce0dfa111e2eabf479d13b7b8b on Aug 17, 2018
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We have an offer that is gated, and when the user goes to the thank you page, we have another link for a demo request that we want to track and when clicked trigger  an additional campaign flow. We want to refrain from using a second form.


We have two Smart Campaigns: 1 for the initial offer that is working just fine. Users are required to fill out a form on the first Landing Page, and once that form is submitted they are put through the email flow. Then the second smart campaign is meant to kick off once the user clicks on the "request a demo" link on the offer Thank You Page. I've tried the following for the second campaign smart list, but nothing has seemed to work:


  • Clicks on a link (with webpage restraint)
  • Clicks on Link (with referrer restraint)
  • Clicks on a link (with website and referrer restraint)
  • Visits webpage (final demo request TY page with referer restraint)


When I look at the test email's activity logs, the webpage visit and clicked link are being tracked, so if a trigger on the page doesn't work, is there a way to send an internal notification to our sales team instead?


Thank you in advance!