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    Marketo to read SF Look up table

    Shari Horton

      My SFDC administrator is asking me to do something I am not sure can be done.  He wants to create a look up table in SF to drive the association between a given lead and the relevant sales team.

      Then of course, I can send alerts to the Account Exec for "x" territory.  My understanding is that we would need a field on leads/contacts that would hold the email address associated to the sales team members.  i.e.  BDR email, AE email etc.  The token {{my.BDR email}} would then be used in alerts.


      Am I doing it the hard way?  Is there a way Marketo reads SF look up tables?


      Thanks for the help.

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          Darrell Alfonso

          Hi Shari,


          The Send Alert flow step can send to different teams or people by adding constraints.



          I would see if you can work with that first.


          If this doesn't work for you, you can also create new fields on the lead and contact record for these different "owners" email addresses. Such as BDR email address, AE Email address etc.

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              Shari Horton

              Thanks Darrell - The standard values (Sales Owner, Account Owner) are being used.  However the requirement is to send the alerts to everyone in  the sales team, so I need to use the To Other Email Line. 

              I am trying to get a value in SF that can be used without using the actual person's email so there is no editing required when the territory assignments change.


              I agree having a field called "AE email" etc. that I can use a token for, would be the right solution.  The SF Admin is asking me to  refer to a table that is linked to the lead record and am not sure that is possible.

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                  Darrell Alfonso

                  Hey Shari.


                  No, that is like referencing another object.


                  Copying Grégoire Michel for confirmation

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                      Grégoire Michel

                      Darell is correct on this.


                      But once the object is created, you could add some logic to it in SFDC such as create a field that gathers all the email addresses in the sales team, separated with comas.


                      Once this field is created, you can have it copied to the lead in a dedicated field that you would be able to use in a token to address the alert. To do this, in the alert flow step, set the "send to" to blank and add the token to the "To Other emails" field. Yo will have to copy and paste the token, though.


                      If you want all this to be really effective, you will have to use SFDC triggers and APEX, so that each time the sales team is updated, the leads linked to this sales team are also updated in SFDC and then in Marketo.