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Issue with images in email - image not displaying

Question asked by f35f9cdd31c6e1e602d604dea2fef44542804027 on Aug 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by f35f9cdd31c6e1e602d604dea2fef44542804027

Just wondering if anyone else is having image display issues - I know there is an issue with design studio and having non secure URL but Im not able to work around this very well - my issues:


1. In Design studio images wont previous, doesnt matter whether they were uploaded recently or existing

2. Email wont display in email or in the editor UNLESS I save and re-approve and then re-open, even then it's hit and miss. I am pasting the URL rather than select from Design Studion - URL is http.go... etc not https

3. Doesnt make any difference if I paste the image source direct into the code

4. Even when I can get it to display, I am getting rendering issues, especially in Outlook (surprise, surprise)


Has there been some update or something that has cause this? Only seems to have become an issue in the last week or so.