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Configuring Campaign Stats in SFDC

Question asked by cf63440b6cd41da837ac7849249aa863054714cc on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2018 by Ronen Wasserman

Currently, we look at all email campaign stats in SFDC (such as email opens, clicks, delivered, etc.) We use Marketo program statuses to calculate these stats. For example, if a lead opens the email in Marketo, the program status is changed to Opened. We then have a formula set up in SFDC to display the correct stats in SFDC based on program statuses for each campaign. With this in mind, we are trying to implement something like the following...


We have a default program we use to send emails. A lead can run through this program multiple times if they qualify (The email creative is constantly changing so they will not receive the same content twice). We would like to set up two campaigns for this program in SFDC, one campaign would report on the stats for the 1st time a lead was sent the email, and the second campaign would report on stats for all repeat sends. For example, if lead A ran through the campaign once, there stats would be shown in Campaign 1. If they ran through the campaign a second time, their stats would be shown in campaign 2. If they ran through a 3rd time this would also be shown in campaign 2, and so on.


What would be the best way to calculate these stats in SFDC for this scenario? A lead cannot go backwards in status and can only run through each status once, so the way we are currently calculating stats in SFDC would not make sense if the lead ran through this program multiple times.


Separately, if a lead was added to Campaign 2 multiple times, would their stats be averaged out? Or would the stats be overridden every time they are added to this campaign?