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How to Send Custom HTML Weekly Support Emails in Marketo

Question asked by 42b601d5e0cb678db2effb77c9d2174e94ea80ab on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Our customer support team is currently using an outside vendor to send weekly emails to our customers that contain account specific information (weekly update).  They send the vendor hundreds of unique HTML files each week, one for each customer account, which the vendor embeds in an email and sends to the email contacts for that account. Now our leadership would like to send it through Marketo so we can start tracking opens, etc. and seeing the email history at contact level in Salesforce (via our integration). 


How would I set this up to send in Marketo? If I had a blank email template, what is the best way to configure it to insert this HTML file as the content for each email address?  It is unique for each company name, which would then have multiple recipients.  Do I need to use an API call to pull in that content from an external file server?  Can I upload a CSV file each week that has the names, emails, and HTML code in another field?  Or is there any other way to  easily upload these unique files into Marketo each week and send?


Looking for any suggestions, or direction on which option I should research in more depth.  Thanks!