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How to Handle Large Data Syncs Between Salesforce and Marketo

Question asked by Nicholas Sewitz on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by Nicholas Sewitz

Hi! Every night we run a batch campaigns that update our lead scoring model. One of these campaigns captures a particularly large group of leads every night ( ~3k-5k). When this happens Marketo triggers a sync with Salesforce for all those leads. Because Marketo tries to update so many leads in so short a time we hit APEX SOQL limits on a few of our custom triggers (even though they are set up to handle batch requests).


Wondering how others have dealt with this? One idea I had was somehow running the batch campaign that updates lead scoring over the course of a few hours taking a smaller group of eligible leads during each run, but not sure how I would do that. Another idea was to have those leads fail out and then somehow triggering another process that resyncs them, but this isn't ideal.