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Stream Cadence vs Batch campaign schedule

Question asked by Regis Gnaly on Aug 13, 2018

Hi guys,

i have a quick but weird question. I have set up a engagement program and wondering if any of you faced a similar dilemma.




I have set up in my 4 different streams a set of programs which includes multiple emails in one to save time and keep it consistent with my objectives.

Its basically a trial period for 4 weeks sending 2 emails per week.


All of my smart campaign have a 2 days waiting time in between each emails in the FLOW but also set in my schedule recurrence to take place only mondays to fridays


Now my question is... do i either


a) keep it as it is with the schedule recurrence dictating when the emails should go out and having the stream cadence set to none?




b) set up a stream cadence also for weekdays on top of the schedule recurrence in each smart campaigns?


i know there are 99 millions ways of doing the same thing but i was wondering what difference would each one would make or have to my flow if any.


thanks in advance