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Get to know on your website what nurturing program a lead is a member of through a JavaScript.

Question asked by Kasper Londal on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman



My main task here is to get Marketo and Facebook work together when it comes to communicating the same message on both channels. And it is not by pushing our leads email into a custom audience in Facebook. I know how to do that.


So, if you are in 1 nurturing program where I am communicating about how to use our product, I would like to communicate the exact same message on Facebook. Once the lead has done what I want them to do in the nurturing program (transition rules), and they change nurturing program, the message on Facebook should also change.

When a lead is visiting our website, I would like to ask through a JavaScript what nurturing program the lead is a member of. How do I do that? Can a JavaScript tell me what nurturing program a lead is a member of, when they are visiting our website?


The reasons why I don’t want to push emails from Marketo into Facebook are:
- Our customers have business emails, that they don’t use on Facebook
- You can’t remove leads from a custom audience group in Facebook automation by using Marketos Ad Bridge


I hope someone can help me?