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Channel Status Revamp

Question asked by Brendon Ritz on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2018 by Brendon Ritz

I'm looking for a best practice on how to completely redo our program channel statuses, as they have become out of control due to a lack of goverance.


Here is my working plan:

  1. Reuse current statuses when possible to match desired state (i.e. change first step from Invited to Member).
  2. Create new statuses where it makes sense to do so.
  3. Hide statuses that will no longer be used.


Question for the group: Does hiding a channel status also hide it from the native SFDC sync? If I make the visible channel statuses map 1:1 with the SFDC statuses, will I be good to go? I know that I have to remove all members from a status in order to delete it, so I'm reeeeally hoping I don't have to do that a few hundred times during my cleanup.