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Smart Campaigns: Trigger Fills Out Form - Incorrect or Missing Landing Page

Question asked by Christina Eurich on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2018 by Christina Eurich

Dear Marketo Support Team,


we're creating a Marketo Campaign for an upcoming webinar and we're having a problem with the trigger of a smart campaign "Fills Out Form".

When someone fills out a specified form on our WordPress website, his program status should be changed in the Flow.

This is our trigger in the smart campaign:


At first, I wasn't able to activate the campaign because Marketo said the Web Page is not valid.

After some minutes, I was able to activate the campaign but now it's not possible to register.

When I fill out the form on the WordPress site, the email does not appear in our database.

When clicking the preview button, this  appears:



Could you please help me with this problem?


Best wishes,