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Collecting stat from Bulk Import

Question asked by s.o deb on Aug 9, 2018
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I am sending multiple CSV file for Bulk Load and in the run window see the following information for the request:


[DEBUG]: org.talend.components.marketo.runtime.MarketoSourceOrSink - ClientService : Marketo REST API Client [].

[DEBUG]: org.talend.components.marketo.runtime.client.MarketoBulkExecClient - bulkImport


And the response as:

[DEBUG]: org.talend.components.marketo.runtime.client.MarketoBulkExecClient - rs = BulkImportResult{requestId='5db2#1651ee022e4', success=true, errors=null, result=[BulkImport{batchId=1644, importTime='null', importId='1644', message='null', numOfRowsProcessed=null, numOfLeadsProcessed=null, numOfObjectsProcessed=null, numOfRowsFailed=null, numOfRowsWithWarning=null, objectApiName='null', operation='null', status='Queued', failuresLogFile='', warningsLogFile=''}], moreResult=false, nextPageToken=null}.


I am gathering the stats in a table for each load and filename is part of that column. I had assumed that since I am sending a filename as the parameter for Bulk Load, when I get back the response, I can capture the response data elements for the same filename. But I do not see the filename going as an parameter and when I update the response stats based on the filename, I am not necessarily updating  the same filename record (when there are multiple ones).

As part of my design, I will have to collect this stats to see how many records per file we are sending and how many loaded and how many had warning and failures.


Any insights will be appreciated. Wanted to know what information can tie back the response to the request.

Thanks in advance,