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    FWD to Friend ERROR

    Kim Allen
      I found a related thread but with no definate answer (https://community.marketo.com/MarketoDiscussionDetail?id=90650000000PWMIAA4).

      I get this error: Your Contact Information could not be validated. Unable to Forward to a friend.

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          Kenny Elkington
          Hey Kim,

          Typically you'll get this when trying to use forward toa friend out of a test email.  Is this where you're seeing it come out?

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              Pavel Plachky

              I tested it today and found that if you select a test lead record during the test send, then the forward link works. Otherwise it does not.


              Apparently Marketo needs to attribute the forwarding action to a record in the lead database. This means that if a test is forwarded, the forward action may not be attributed to the person who forwarded, but to the person whose record was used to create the test email. Therefore it is better to have the people who will forward the email receive the production emails rather than tests.

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              Kim Allen
              You are totally right, Kenny. It was a case of the Monday brain lol. Thanks!